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Kitchen Assistance

Kitchen Assistance is a structuring solution, used in the user’s kitchen. The system supports the user with issues around groceries inventory management.

Besides the possibility to look at the groceries inventory, users can also generate recipes, gather information about groceries and plan a purchase.


  • July 2017
  • HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Lea Buchfink
  • Patrick Muchowski
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How might we
reduce food


60% of the food waste happens in private households. First of all, we started to make observations and interviews to figure out what is leading to wasting food.

Overall we found three main pain points, which are introduced by three causes in each case. This research is the base for creating different approaches, on how to utilize digital services that resolve the pain points.

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Three approaches were tested in minimal viable products. Smartwatches could give information in detail about food products, Bigger interfaces can be used for managing the food stock.

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The inventory is digitalized in real-time by multiple optical and weight sensors. A device bounded with the sensor system creates an interactive laser projection. This user interface is displayed on the kitchen's countertop and wall.

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Through rapid prototypes the interaction with two screens have been tested. In addition, guidelines for the screen design were specified.

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The projection of the interface on various surfaces defined the layout and colors. The key element is a circular list of all hold food items.

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