To research for personal advice, many people use search engines There are already numerous forums for specific topics that are accessible through an intensive search. Content Farms collect a lot of information every day. Including information that may be not relevant for the user.

Application Design

  • February 2017
  • HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Lea Buchfink
  • Patrick Muchowski
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How might we
improve trust and quality
in a content farm?


Qualitative interviews were used to create a user research canvas. It was particularly important to recognize that brief information with a spatial reference is more trustful.

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Analyzing existing forums has revealed what content and interactions will be needed. These interactions were tested through shadowings. The relevance of types of content and interactions has been verified by shadowing methods.

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The application is based on a map, where question-pins are marked, based on the location of the questioner. Questions will appear as a card, that can be swiped to the left to reject or to the right to enter a chatroom.

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Based on defined use cases first screen flows were sketched and tested with potential users.

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The overall research leads to a playful aesthetic. Various colors help to distinguish different types of questions and keeps a variety in the experience. In a final step transitions were created.

Free HTML5 Bootstrap
Free HTML5 Bootstrap