Hey, I'm Patrick Interaction Designer, based in Germany

My mission is to build futures by exploring possible scenarios. To ensure what's preferable, my vision evolves in cooperation with users. At this, interactiondesign is my main tool, to transfer to a desirable future.

This iswhat I do

Free HTML5 Bootstrap

User Interface

Different Use Cases involve different specs. Considering the surroundings, distance to the screen and characteristics of the users, the interface has to be adjusted. My aspiration is to get a seamless balance between input, output and interface.

User Experience

Next to the visual component of a design, there is also an invisible part. Like between humans, every interaction creates a relation. While communicating with computers, we start to create feelings like trust, frustration or joy. That's why my job is also about shaping these relations through design.


Visual Designers may command design parameters, but it's much harder to predict pain points of the user. That's why I see the user as a co-developer. In iterative working cycles with a human centered approach I feel most comfortable.

I'm currently looking
for a new challenge

If you are interested in my work just get in touch. You can also download my CV first. I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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